Questions to be Examined at the Summit: Let’s Explore these together  

if not NOW, then when?
There is an ever-growing need to exhaust and answer the following urgent questions to better understand the impact of tourism on all segments of the economy and to recognize, facilitate, and profit from the current and future trends in tourism investment:

  • How can investors tap into the pristine markets?
  • How can countries insure investments and continue to return a profit for years to come?
  • What other factors make it a prime time for investment?
  • What are the benefits that investing in infrastructure and tourism-oriented recreational facilities can bring to the city, province, and country?
  • What other niche markets are bound to arise? And are these projects conducive to investors?
  • What are the regulations regarding foreign investment in the tourism sectors?
  • What preferential policies and incentives are offered?
  • How can governments improve the likelihood of being selected as a prime investment location?
  • How can governments evaluate and select investment proposals that are aligned with their national policy?
  • What incentives can governments provide to investors that are aligned with their economic objectives?
  • How can investment in promotions be allocated properly to ensure positive returns?
  • Can countries use promotional methods to entice investors? How?
  • How would investors benefit from intensified competition for tourism related investment requests?
  • How should communications be conducted between investors and investees?
  • How can investors use the media’s power to influence destination decisions?
  • How can the government influence the media to assist investors?
  • What are the future tourism prospects for your region?
  • How can a specific region/country use the global tourism experience to fuel their tourism industry?
  • How can region/country attract foreign tourism investment?
  • How can your region/country provide the ideal tourism investment environment to stay competitive?

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