Banking in Korea
All international banks have locations in Busan Korea and are located near major hotel chains. The banking hours in Korea are 9am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday. For your specific bank, please check with your hotel front desk for more details.

Currency in Korea
The currency exchange services are located in airports, hotels, banks and the conference centre. All convertible currency can be exchanged. Please check with you local hotel front desk for a location nearest you. The South Korean currency is called “wons”.

Security Information
We request that all participants wear their WTIS badges at all times for the duration of the Summit, including Summit social events so as to aid security.

Weather Information  
In early October, Busan offers a temperate climate. You can look forward to a refreshing 15-20 degrees C (59-68 degrees F) during the day and 6-14 degrees C at night. A jacket is recommended.
Dress Code  
As the Summit is an official event, the dress code is formal business attire throughout. This means suit and tie for gentlemen. For social events, ladies may wear cocktail or evening dresses.

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